Ellsworth Sportsman’s Club

The purposes for which this club is organized are: the preservation and propagation of game, fish, and forestry; the enforcement of game, fish, and forestry laws; the inclusion of the highest standards of sportsmanship; the promotion of friendly relationships between sportsmen and land owners; the conservation of wild life and natural resources; and to purchase, own, acquire, hold, mortgage, lease, convey, or otherwise dispose of such real estate and personal property as may be necessary or incidental to carrying out the foregoing purposes.

The Ellsworth Sportsmen’s Club (ESC), was founded as an unincorporated organization in 1948, becoming incorporated on April 30, 1962.

The club is a 501 (c)7 nonprofit organization, and hold a retail liquor license, and have a Small Games of Chance license. The ESC holds various events and raffles throughout the year for adults, children, members, and the public.

20 10 Mile Ln
Scenery Hill, PA 15360

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