The History of Scenery Hill
& The National Road

The historic village of Scenery Hill, is located along the first federally funded road built in the United States, commissioned by Thomas Jefferson in 1805. “The National Road“, also known as “U.S. RT 40”, and “The Old Pike” was visited by presidents, poets, and insurrectionists many historic years. When the first buildings were being constructed in our village, there was not much more than a path through the wilderness, and would often take an entire day to travel just twelve miles via wagon and horse. 

The community was initially named for Robert Hill, an early settler. The Hill family is recognized for building Hill’s Tavern (now known as Century Inn), between 1788 and 1794. Hill’s Tavern was constructed in the 18th century and is a historic centerpiece of the village. A fire on August 17, 2015 heavily damaged it. The Century Inn was restored and reconstructed, and has reopened in 2017.

Each year a large festival known as The National Road Festival happens the 3rd weekend in May. Scenery Hill often features entertainment and other exhibits during the event. In addition to the festival, Scenery Hill hosts many events, such as: The Christmas Art Market / Light-up Night, the Scenery Hill Outdoor Film Series, and more. Check out all of our events here!  You can also follow our Facebook Page or our Instagram Account to see upcoming events and news!

Scenery Hill is an unincorporated community in North Bethlehem Township in Washington County, Pennsylvania, United States. It serves as the postal address for most North Bethlehem Township residents. The ZIP code is 15360.

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